Core Values

The culture of Cyclical Vancouver is shaped by twelve core values, divided into three areas: Mission, Administration, and Personal Life of Leaders.


Generatively: Generating new churches out of our existing churches.

Autonomous Leadership: Prioritizing decentralized leadership that makes Spirit led decisions for its own context.

Incarnational Disciple Making: following the incarnation of Christ by making disciples through mutually enriching relationships with our neighbors

Shrewd Risk Taking: matching the shrewdness of those around us by leveraging unique opportunities


Connectionalism: accountability and support within a larger tradition

Sustainability: moving toward sustainability in mission, administration, and in the personal lives of our leaders

Legality:knowing and follow local and national legal code

Communication:communicating our stories with excellence across various platforms

personal life of leader

Ongoing Learning: ongoing learning of our leaders

Integrative Development: holistic development of our leaders

Accountability:leaders have a consistent network for personal accountability

Work-Life Balance: our leaders lead by having a healthy work-life balance